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Tassimo Vivy T12 descaling

TASSIMO VIVY (T12) 2Learn here how to descale your Tassimo Vivy T12, you can download the instructions manual or see the descaling video how to descale. Only 17cm in width in the stunning colors Real Black or Snow White, the TASSIMO VIVY T12 can be easily fitted in to any small space. And when the perfect spot is found, you only have to choose your favourite T DISC, drop it in and let the machine make you a delicious drink in minutes. The TASSIMO VIVY T12 is made for any household. If it’s in the morning,afternoon or ad night it’s there in no time at all. It also has an automatic self-cleaning function, so the VIVY is always ready whenever you are.

Download Tassimo Vivy T12 manual

Read below to find out more about descaling your machine

  • Step 1/15

    The machine will let you know when it needs to be descaled by illuminating the red descale warning light .Firstly, remove the water tank from the side of the machine and empty any water.
  • Step 2/15

    Fill the water tank up to the descaling mark (500ml) and add the descaling agent according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To find out more about descaling solution click here.Ensure that the descale agent is fully dissolved in the water before continuing.
  • Step 3/15

    Replace the water tank back onto the side of the machine by tilting it slightly and returning it to its original position until it clicks into place.
  • Step 4/15

    Open the brewing unit by lifting the handle and pushing up.Place a suitable container (min. 500ml/ 17oz.) under the drink outlet.
  • Step 5/15

    Remove the yellow Service T DISC from the compartment at the side of the appliance and place it on the T DISC holder in the machine with the barcode facing down.
  • Step 6/15

    Close the brewing unit by first bringing it down and then push the handle firmly to the machine until you hear an audible click.The orange status light will blink once to indicate the brewer is ready and the red descale light will remain illuminated.
  • Step 7/15

    It is important to press and hold the start/stop button for at least 5 seconds to start the descaling program.The descaling program now starts and the descale and status lights will flash.The process takes around 30 minutes while descaling solution is slowly pumped through the system and then runs into the container until the water tank is almost empty. A little liquid is always left in the tank.Note: If the process only takes a couple of minutes then you may have run a cleaning cycle by mistake – the machine will not be fully descaled and the red descale light will remain illuminated. If this occurs go back to step 6.
  • Step 8/15

    After approximately 30 minutes, when the descaling solution has passed through the system, the status light will be permanently on to indicate that the first stage of the process is complete.
  • Step 9/15

    Empty the container of used descaling solution and place back under the drink outlet of the machine.
  • Step 10/15

    Remove the water tank from the side of the machine and rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of descaling solution.Refill the water tank with cool fresh water, up to the max mark.
  • Step 11/15

    Press the Start/Stop button briefly to run the cleaning cycle.During the cleaning cycle, the orange status light will flash and the machine dispenses hot water into the container.
  • Step 12/15

    When the cleaning process is complete, empty the container and return it under the outlet. Complete steps 11 and 12 three times to ensure all the descaling solution is flushed from the machine.
  • Step 13/15

    Open the brewing unit and remove the Service T DISC and replace it in the storage compartment on the side of the appliance.
  • Step 14/15

    Refill the water tank with cool fresh water, up to the Max mark and fit it back on the brewer.
  • Step 15/15

    Your TASSIMO has now been descaled and is ready for use again.

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