How to remove limescale

limescale remover

limescale removerHow to remove limescale? You can get rid of the limescale deposits. But they are very hard minerals, that you will likely damage the material underneath the minerals involved  if you try too scrape them off. There are some acids that easily dissolve the minerals. There are limescale removers on the market, but  you can also use some common household stuff that will also work. White Vinegar and lemon juice are the 2 most known substances that are very effective. The best one to remove limescale is probably lemon juice.

When you want to remove limescale then the problem is not to find a good limescaler remover around the house, but to make sure that the acid does it’s work properly and make sure you use it as long as it needs to desale the limescale. You can not just wipe the limescale off with an in juice soaked rag. You really need to let it soak for a couple of hours Instead to let it work it’s magic.

Limescale Kettle/coffee machine

Your kettle already is a container to hold liquid, what makes the descaling of limescale process very easy. Start filling the kettle with aquarter of  lemon juice or vinegar and leave it soak for an hour. After that leave the vinegar or lemon juice in the kettle and fill it up with water and boil it. Before the water cools down throw away the boiled water, then rinse the kettle by boiling cold water several times (each time with fresh water) this to remove any vinegar or lemon juice that was left behind.

Dishwashers and washing machines

Lemon and vinegar will both work fine to remove limescale deposits and to refresh up your machines’ innards at the same time. To remove limescale in a washing machine use either lemon juice or vinegar  and pour it in a large cup and then in the usual detergent place  and run a normal washing program (without any laundry). To remove limescale in a dishwasher, just pour the vinegar or lemon juice in to the machine and not in the detergent dispenser. and use a normal program.


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