Descaling a kettle with Vinegar

Descale a kettle with vinegar

white vinegarLike a lot of people that are living in Great Britain we drink tea and use an electric kettle to boil water for it. The problem is that the kettle will build up limescale very fast. If descaled regularly  then it will do no harm to the kettle, but after an longer period of time the lime scale can build up and the kettle will look very dirty, so you can use an simple and very cheap way to clean your kettle and get rid of all the limescale.

The natural way to remove lime scale that has build up in your kettle is to use white vinegar and water; you don’t have to use any chemicals only use white vinegar for descaling a kettle (do not use malt vinegar) which you can buy for less then £1 in your supermarket around the corner and will descale your kettle a couple of there for an very cheap method to descale your kettle!

How to descale a kettle.

How to Remove Lime scale from a Kettle with vinegar

  1. Cover the affected areas with water and make sure it is covered and set the kettle to boil.
  2. If that’s finished you can add the white vinegar (1/4 of the water in the kettle) and watch the limescale disappear.
  3. Then let it sit around for an hour and let the limescale in the kettle dissolve completely.
  4. When your ketlle descaling is finished then rinse the kettle and re-boil a couple of time so that everything is gone and there is no vinegar taste.

Descaling your kettle

The best thing you can do is to descale your kettle every couple of months, this to make it easier and it also doesn’t require much time for you to remove all the limescale in the kettle. If it’s been longer then 3 or 4 months since you last descaled your kettle it is probably better using a stronger mix of white vinegar and leave it overnight or you could repeat the process a couple of times. Just be sure you boil the kettle with fresh water a couple of times before you use it.

It’s by far the easiest, cheapest and safest way to descale your kettle and completely remove the lime scale from your kettle.

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